Event Puja

Puja or Poojan is a prayer ritual performed by Hindus to host, honour and worship one or more deities, or to spiritually celebrate an event. Sometimes spelt phonetically as pooja or poojah, it may honour or celebrate the presence of special guest(s), or their memories after they pass away.



An engagement, betrothal, or fiancer is a promise to wed, and also the period of time between a marriage proposal and a marriage. During this period, a couple is said to be betrothed, intended, affianced, engaged to be married, or simply engaged.



Vivaah is a word for marriage. The word originates as a sacred union of people as per Vedic traditions i.e. what many call marriage.Under Vedic Hindu traditions marriage is viewed as one of the sanskaras (s), which is a lifelong commitment of one wife and one husband.

Janamdin Puja


Janamdin puja is done to revere the Ishta Dev and seeking his blessings to remove obstacles and make the year prosperous. Janamdin puja can be performed with the help of a priest who will pray on your behalf.

Namkaran Sanskar


The naming ceremony is a very important rite. Naming the tenth or twentieth day of birth or can get a good day. Moon is in the constellation of the amount or the amount that is keeping Judae letter name. The dominant personality of the child is fed honey spoon silver or steel.

Annaprashan Puja


Annaprashan is a Sanskrit term, which literally means “grain initiation”. It’s commonly known as your baby’s first feeding or first rice-eating ceremony and called choroonu in Kerala, mukhe bhaat in Bengal and bhaatkhulai in the Garhwal hills. A popular Hindu custom, annaprashan marks the beginning of solid food in your baby’s life.

Mundan Sanskar


A mundan or tonsuring is an important ceremony for Hindus. It is also known as chaula or choodakarana. Muslims too shave or trim. Most Indian communities to shave a baby’s head or have a mundan in the first or third year. But this ceremony is mainly done for religious reasons.

Yagno Pavit

Yagno Pavit

Sacred thread called the sacrament Upanayana near Upanayana means God. It is believed the child’s second birthday, so it is also called the twice-born. Evening prayer and then he acquires the right to chant the Gayatri Mantra. Every Hindu should wear it.

Griha Pravesh Puja


Graha Pravesh is a Hindu ceremony performed on the occasion of an individual’s first time entering their new home. The “Puja” or act of worship, is performed in various stages during the construction and entry of the home. Once the home is ready, the individual has to find an auspicious time to conduct the puja.

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