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Right now it is very Difficult to get good Hindu priest for your worship and it is also for sure that you also have to face this problem in your life when you are looking to find a Preist for your Puja, But now  “Pujan Archan online” provide you the benefit to Book pandit online in Delhi and Dehradun as well as in another part of India. This company is run by Acharya Girish Ji and Our Firm “Pujan Archan Online” is a reputed company which provides Pandit for almost every Hindu worship, We have qualified and educated Preist in our company who make their best effort to make your puja worth it. Our services have main focused areas are Delhi NCR and Dehradun. However, we also supply our Pandit throughout the country. We have plenty of service in our company some main of them are listed below.

  1. Navgarha Shanti
  2. Mahamritunjai Jaap
  3. Nav Durga Puja
  4. Ganesh Puja
  5. Shravan Shiv Puja
  6. Kal Sarp Dosh Nivaran
  7. Manglik Dosh Nivaran
  8. Dipawali Puja

So Don’t waste time book our Pandit and grab the opportunities to make your worship special one.


भद्रं नो अपि वातय मनः!
असतो मा सद्गमय!
तमसो मा जोतिर्गमय!
मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय!

In this sub-continent Indus civilization i.e., Hindus has organized in this region. Here Monarchs did their deep to find themselves to get scot-free from all short of all vicious circles benefits like spiritual, mental tranquility and the mental equilibrium. And hence, they find their all desires were influenced by mantel power like, earthquake, flood and fire and they had been afraid of all there thing and they realized it all governed by the omnipotent one and by the passes of time they started to worship of fire, water (varun), versa (Indra), so that it would be benefited to them. In Vedic time Indra, Agni, Vern, Vishnu they all were worshiped in Hindus religion.

In south-Asia it is consider that Hindu Sikh, Jain and Buddhism organized and cherischenity was originated south-west (Jerusalem). Hence, it is proved that prayer is taken place in this earth.

India is considered to be the most-ancient religion of this earth that too call eternal i.e., about to too year old but only about 1000 called Vedic time.

In Vedic time nature is consider to be worshiped and agni was taken the medium between human being and God. As of now we put light for worship because light is considering the witness of work  and it too the symbol of sun and also leads the other gods. It bring a fine frequency in life and show the nature or true being and all are worshiped in the earth. Like lake, river, cascade, forest, mountains etc.

*Skaam-pooja:* means to fulfill his/her desires. In our Vedas skaam-pooja is defined as it describe all rituals by which poor become rich and women become with her son. Student become more intellect etc are inculcated. By this skaam-pooja it is considered as a vintage.

In ancient time kings and monarchs in their kingdom and estate, guru, kul-guru and prohits were appointed who would given to king in the right direct of dharma. In which other cremation and other ritual are considered.

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What Our |Clients| Say?

  • Recently I got married and I must tell you the real problem we faced before marriage was booking an expert pandit to conduct marriage puja. Thanks to Pujan Archan Online, one of its own kinds of platform that helped us not just book a pandit but even have our marriage puja and letting us know about various customs.

    Ashwani Thakur
  • I was shifting from Kolkata to New Delhi and want to organize Puja for Griha Pravesh. It was very difficult for me arranging pandit by sitting in Delhi. Then, I came across and they aided me to arrange the Pandit for pujan. You guys are doing very excellent job & society need this kind of technological support to solve their problems.

    Neha Agarwal
  • I was to organize Lakshmi Pujan at my home. It was very difficult for me contacting pandit at quick-span of time. At that time, I came across as there’s a variety of availability of honorable Pandits. It became very easy for me to get booking of pandit for puja with this wonderful portal.

    Deepak Sharma
  • I am very happy & have no words for thanking you for your services which are offered through this website. I was to arrange pandit for some puja at my place and I wasn’t aware about the pundits in my area. That became a hassle and great headache. Then I visited &it helped me arranging pundit for the required Puja. You’ve done a great job. Thank you and all the best.

    Ravi Ahuja

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